The Art Of Elsa Kroese

Illustrations, Fantasy Art, Comics and Design

7 Billion Fires

Brand, pitch and prototype

I played a role in the start-up adventure 7 billion fires. I designed the company’s visual brand, their website, and assisted with concept art for their prototype and pitch deck.

In collaboration with my friend and colleague, Tom Jilesen, I did visual development for the company’s first game prototype “360 no-scope”.

In a short time period, we provided essential support to 7BF in bringing to life a playable prototype and a compelling pitch deck.

Early Character exploration

Style pivot and Map design

Trough sketches we explored a playful futuristic setting with robots (crash test dummies) characters, but as the game concept evolved, we decided to pivot into a  weird western setting.

The game was  a ‘lane based’ hero shooter that was all about outmaneuvering your opponents with positioning, teamplay and timing. Western tropes like the “stand-off” and “gunslingers” made perfect sense.

Two character designs. The first, a lean young woman wearing a faux-wolfhead hood, the second a male gunslinger wearing a pointed hat.
7BF No Scope Gunslingers
Concept art a double barreled shotgun with a red glowing magazine. and a rifle decorated with a bird's skull, wings and blue glowing patterns.
7bf gun concepts
Concept art of a western style mining location. Silhouettes of gunslingers are dueling; aiming and using cover.
Dueling map concept art.