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Altersleeve, Command(Dom)tower

This innersleeve was designed for Magic Fest Utrecht and features Utrecht’s iconic Dom Tower. A date stamped limited edition was available during the event but if you missed out, you can still get this Utrecht inspired design without the date.

This innersleeve is a perfect fit for a Magic The Gathering card and does double duty; It alters the look of your card while simultaneously protecting it. This sleeve is made to transform Command Tower from Commander 18. It will also work with reprints in of the same art in other sets as long as it’s using the modern frame.

My inner sleeve designs are sold through Alter sleeves. They handle the printing and shipping of your order and I receive a commission for each sold sleeve with one of my designs.

Note: This product is a skintight sleeve only (it doesn’t come with the card).


Additional information


Dragon Shield perfect fit sleeves

Card ID

Command Tower #240 [C18]


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